What is SAE?

SAE, as you may have learned in class, is an integral part of agriculture education curriculum. It stands for Supervised Agricultural Experience and is an opportunity for you as a student to take what you have learned in class and apply it to practical, hands-on experience. There are many benefits to having your own SAE including awards, earning money, agricultural experience, and job opportunities. Whichever benefit motivates you, be sure to develop a quality SAE being sure to follow the requirements of your agriculture teacher. For further, more detailed information about SAE, be sure to talk to your agriculture teacher or check out the National FFA website.

Choosing which SAE to develop can seem like a daunting task, so this website is to help you choose and develop a quality SAE. We will walk through and look at several factors that are influential in choosing an SAE. These factors and tips include your interests and motivations, resources, goals, and record keeping. Remember that while SAE calls for hard work, it is rewarding and supposed to allow hands-on learning that is fun.